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14 December 2017- A tiny krawl and a large lunch. Once again we took the opportunity to enjoy the facilities at Blackheath & Bromley's Clubhouse. Should have been 16 dining but the winter flu bug got Fred & Jim. Twelve did the 4 & half mile krawl to the Keston Ponds and back on a most pleasant Thursday morning. A bit fresh but the sun shone and the chatter pursued. Prior to the krawl we met up for some nibbles and mulled wine and, on our return, did the same, having been joined by Peter and Ponti. A few beers before we all settled down to Roast Lamb etc all closed off with crumble, cream, ice cream and custard! Everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion, here's to next year.

Present: BN as President and his guest Roy Savery, Phil, Little Mike, Drew, Dave C, Gareth, Roger, John Berry, Harry, Dave W, Apples - Peter & Ponti joined for lunch (12+2)

Apologies:  Ken, Dave H, Rae, Chris, Martin, John Butler, Jim & Fred (7) 

30 November 2017 - A Krawl around Hadlow. Roger was President and organised a very pleasant, level krawl starting at the Bell Inn, Golden Green. A bit fresh but bright and sunny as we easily made our way to The Two Brewers in Hadlow for a beer. We looked at Hadlow Tower and were given a round down on it's history and renovation by Martin, who had worked on it. We eventually made our way back for an enjoyable meal at the Bell Inn, but not before we remembered Bonzo who went krawling on high in early November.

Present: Roger (President), BN, Jim, John Butler, Drew, Rae, Chris, Fred, Martin, Dave W, Apples - Ken joined for lunch (11+1)

Apologies: Ponti, Phil, Denis, Dave C, Harry, John Berry, Gareth (7) 

3 November 2017 - October krawl in November! Due to several members being away walking at the end of October the krawl was put back a week. Which worked out fine as the weather was kind to us and the President (Ken) set the scene by conveying us all to the top-of-hill in his car! Twelve met up at The White Rock Inn in Underriver and enjoyed the Kentish countryside views as we made our way over to The Chaser Inn in Shipbourne via Ightam Mote. We were early, but the pub was open, so we enjoyed a pint before taking the route back to Underriver. A tasty meal served by a very enthusiastic young waitress was much appreciated - another great day. Gareth Lloyd who has been a frequent guest was proposed as our newest member, to much acclaim. We managed just over 6 and a half miles in total.

Present: Ken (President), BN, Drew with Gareth, Ponti, Jim, Harry, Chris, Roger, Dave W, Phil, John Berry and David H joined for lunch (12)

Apologies: Rae, Apples, Fred, Martin, Little Mike, Dave C and John Butler (7)  

19 October 2017 - Unofficial walk or Our visit to a foreign land... John used to live in Kent but decided he should cross the water and live in Essex. Two years ago he invited us to visit, which we did. He made the same invite this year so eleven of us accepted, packed our passports and headed north. Dave W ferried seven of us in his 'coach' and we duly arrived at the Plough & Sail, Paglesham, Deepest Essex. We climbed a grassy bank to take us on to the sea wall and followed the River Roch until we got to The Punchbowl. A swift pint and we continued on until we arrived back where we started. No hills and 5.4 miles. Good food, good company and a good day out.

Present:John Berry, Mike P, Chris, Dave C, Phil, Jim, Dave W, Roger, Harry, Rae and Fred (11)

28 September 2017 - Ladies Day Krawl. Due to lots of members being away we only had 9 krawling and 13 dining. Numbers may have been small but quality was high! Harry being President of the day organised a beautiful krawl with only one longish climb which came at the beginning while we were all 'fresh'. Having met up outside the Walnut Tree in Yalding we set off for a circular krawl of just over 7 miles. Overcast but brightening and far from cold, we made our way to the Railway Inn in Wateringbury where the Landlady opened up early especially for us. A good pint and we where off again following the river Medway, on level ground, to return to the Walnut Tree for an enjoyable lunch.

Present: Harry (President), BN & Terri, Trica with Ralph the dog, Fred, Drew, David H, Annie and Chris. Ken & Jackie and Peter & Judy joined for lunch (9+4=13)

Apologies: Ponti, Berry, Jim, Rae, Phil, Little Mike, Butler, Martin, David C, Apples, Roger and Dave W - also from our ladies Kate & Hazel (12+2=14)


31 August 2017 - A krawl around Penshurst. Phil led us on a very easy, compared to last month, krawl around the beautiful Kent countryside. Thirteen met up at the Fleur De Lis in Leigh and we made our way along the banks of the river Medway which we crossed a couple of times. Gentle inclines with fine views brought us to Penshurst after a shortish walk. A most enjoyable pint in the Leicester Arms Hotel and we were off again passing Penshurst Place which had plenty of visitors enjoying the sunshine. The forecast was rain in the afternoon and we watched it though the window whilst enjoying a good lunch in the Fleur De Lis.  We didn't get wet... Chris & Little Mike left after the krawl and we were joined by Rae & Ken - so we started 13 and finished with 13. Yet another great day with just shy of 6 miles krawling.

Present: Phil (President), BN, Jim, Fred, Martin, Roger, John Berry, Harry, Ponti, Dave W, Dave C, Chris and Little Mike - Mike & Chris left and Rae and Ken joined for lunch (so 13-2+2=13!)

Apologies: Apples, Butler, Drew and David H (4)



27 July 2017 - Berry's Green. Our President for the day was John Butler and he made a grand job of his first krawl. The weather was kind, overcast and mild which made the uphills easier but none the less UP. Very good underfoot, plenty of styles and good countryside made for a most enjoyable krawl of a tad over 6 miles. Fifteen of us mustered at The Blacksmith's Arms in Cudham proceeding anti-clockwise to The Old Jail our half way pub in Biggin Hill. Great timing got us there at bang on midday to enjoy a pint. We then trundled back from whence we came, not looking forward to the final steep hill just a few hundred yards from our starting point. Once again we changed in the car park to smarten up and were joined by David Hawkings, making 16, for lunch. One guest, Gareth, who yet again enjoy our company.

Present: John Butler (President), BN & Gareth, Drew, Jim, Fred, Phil, John Berry, Roger, Apples, Chris. Mike Richards, Rae, Dave Cordell and Ponti - David H joined for lunch (16)

Apologies:Dave White, Martin, Harry, Ken and Colin (5)


29 June 2016 - Bough Beech. Dave White (President) took us on a very gentle krawl, with no big hills but plenty of stiles, amounting to seven and a half miles. After the previous week's heat wave the conditions were perfect for walking. This time we had a guest, Gareth Lloyd, another Blackheath man, who joined us for his first krawl. We mustered at the Four Elms Inn in Edenbridge, had a quick snifter before heading to the Wheatsheaf, at Bough Beech, for the half-way stop. Fully refreshed the 13 made their way back to the Four Elms to meet up with John Butler and Ken who joined us for lunch, Rae had to depart to another engagement, so fourteen dined. A quick change in the car park saw everyone bar one in jackets and all had remembered their badge... Plenty of banter, food and liquid made for another most enjoyable day.

Present: Dave White (President), BN & his guest Gareth Lloyd, Drew, Jim, Phil, Rae (walk only), David H, Mike R, Dave C, Chris, Harry, and Apples - Ken and John Butler joined for lunch (13+2-1=14)

Apologies: Ponti, Fred, John Berry, Martin, Dennis and Roger (6)



25 May 2017 - Ladies Day Krawl. Lots of people away and they missed a fine krawl and a ridiculously cheap meal. Fred as President had everything organised well before only to establish that the intended half way house (The Globe & Rainbow) had closed down... On top of that traffic problems due to the A21 development meant we were late leaving the car park of The Chequers Pub at Lamberhurst. Not to be phased we took off on a more direct route towards the Green Cross Inn. We duly arrived just before 12:30, so only had time for one round before we set of back to The Chequers for lunch. And a fine one it was... as stated earlier the food was very cheap but top quality, likewise the wine. Everyone enjoyed the krawl especially as the weather was warm and sunny, not many stiles and not too steep or many hills - we clocked up about 7 miles.

Present: Fred (President) & PohLeng, Mike & Terri, Trish, Jim, Chris & Sue, Harry, David H, Little Mike and Annie (12) Ken & Jackie and Peter & Judy joined for lunch (16 in total)

Apologies: Phil, Ponti, Rae, Roger, John Berry, Kate, Apples, Colin, Hazel, Martin, John Butler, Drew, Dave C and Dave W (14)



27 April 2017 - Well Hill & Lullingsone Park. Drew was President for the first time and made a splendid job of it. Thirteen arrived at the Bo Beep car park, all in plenty of time for the off. We all had a jolly fine time, weather was just right for krawling, route was up & down but no steep inclines, there were plenty of stiles especially at the start and finish. Nearly five and a half miles to the half way house which was in the Lullingstone Park Golf Club, the beer was good and very resonantly priced. We the proceeded back to the Bo Beep pub for lunch, again a sensible cost and good service. We were joined by Ken, David H and Harry for lunch bringing our numbers up to 16. The final distance was seven and a half miles.

Present: Drew (President), BN, Jim, Chris, Phil, Dave W, Roger, two John's, Fred, Apples, Rae, Little Mike, Harry, Ken and David H joined for lunch (16)

Apologies: Denis, Ponti, Martin and Dave C (4)


30 March 2017 - Underriver. Apples popped up everywhere... he has been unwell for some weeks but sorted the krawl, supplied laminated maps and instructions, saw us off, followed us in his car and acted Presidential at the meal. And we all enjoyed it. Ten krawled the 7.6 miles of the best that Kent can offer in the highest temperatures (in March) for 6 years.  We made the half-way at the Bucks Head just before midday having krawled 5.3 miles. We were joined by David H for lunch at the White Rock Inn. Some thought the governor was a bit off hand but by the time we had eaten well and received the reasonable bill we were warming to him.

Present: Apples, BN, Drew, Phil, Roger, Harry, Chris, Fred, Dave W, Rae, Mike R and David H for lunch (12)

Apologies Martin, Jim, Ken, Dave C, John Butler, Ponti and John Berry (7)




23 February 2017 - Shoreham. Jim led 10 trusty krawlers in mild but very blustery conditions on a near 8 mile route form Shoreham via Lullingstone. Several styles and what seemed mostly up-hill sections meant we were a little slower than normal and we deviated from his planned route to Lullingstone Country Park Cafe. Beer for some, tea and coffee for others meant a slightly lighter bill. The flatter trip back to Shoreham was much appreciated as we wandered back by the river Darenth. We duly arrived at the Two Brewers for a welcomed drink, lots of banter and good food and surroundings. Prior to the off David was presented with his badge having been elected last month.

Present: Jim (President), BN, Drew, John Butler, Chris, Roger, David H, Mike R, Fred, Dave W Ken & Phil joined for lunch (10+2)

Apologies: Harry, John Berry, Martin, Colin, Dave C, Ponti, Rae and Apples (8)




26 January 2017 - Downstream. Freezing cold and overcast weather did not stop the 13 intrepid krawlers making their way to the extreme north of Kent for a very interesting and different krawl. Greenwich DLR was the start as we walked towards and past the Thames Barrier, but not before we hopped on the River Bus. We then went thro Maryon Wilson and Charlton parks before picking up a 54 Bus taking us to the half-way house, The Princess of Wales on Blackheath Common, where we were joined by Ponti - a fine pint, helpful staff and nice surroundings. We then crossed over the Common, past the Observatory and made our way to The Richard 1 pub in Greenwich. Roast Beef was the order of the day, wine flowed, banter reigned, the waitress was excellent. The freight train derailment at Lewisham meant that most had to walk to Ladywell station before taking the train back to West Wickham & Hayes. David Hawkins was introduced as a new member with much acclaim. No GPS but about 8 miles in total for most.

Present: Chris (President), BN, Drew, Jim & friend David, Phil, Harry, Roger, Dave W, Fred, Little Mike, John Butler and John Berry, Ponti joined for second half (14 krawled & dined)

Apologies: Apples, Rae, Dennis, Ken & Dave C (5)