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9 December 2021 - A little krawl and a large lunch! And it was... A record number arrived by various means, including walking, at the Queens Head in Downe. They were greeted with mulled wine and mince pies prior to the 16 setting off for a gentle, levelish 2 1/2 mile loop in crisp, bright weather. A little muddy over the last field but we made it. A quick change in the car park and we were in the pub for a nice pre-dinner drink having been joined by 3 lunch-only members. A hearty 3 course meal plus coffee was followed by the two non-badge wearing krawlers treating us all to a glass of port. We were treated well and efficiently by the Landlord and staff and the food was just what we needed - three courses and three empty plates from everyone. All in all a great day... again.

Present: BN (President), Dave W & Jamie, Fred, Ponti & Andrew, Drew, Rae, Stan, John, Roger, David A, Jim, Martin, Apples, Chris - joined for lunch by Ken, David C and Gareth (16+3=19)

Apologies: Phil and David H




25 November 2021 - A pair of Bulls... for various reasons we were reduced to seven krawling over an area of Kent that most had not been to before. Having met up at The Pied Bull in Farningham we made our way to Horton Kirby by way of open countryside with great views in all directions, only sad thing was that the motorways could be heard for most of the journey. Weaving in and out of the vast soft fruit growing area we arrived bang on time at The Bull pub. Plenty of time to enjoy a pint in their large garden before wandering back to meet up with 3 others for lunch. And a good lunch it was too. Sadly, we stood to remember Matthew who never recovered from his cycling accident the previous month. Just over 6 1/2 miles in total.

Present: Jim (President), BN, Phil, Drew, Roger, Dave White, Chris - joined for lunch by Ponti, Apples & David H (7+3=10)

Apologies: Stan, Ken, David A, Martin, Gareth, Rae, John and Fred (8)



28 October 2021 - Krawl around Downe. A great turn out of 13 met at The Queens Head Downe on a slightly overcast but mild day. A few ups and downs and a few styles meant that we arrived late for the half way house - The Old Jail. But a good pint saw us back on schedule and on our way via the back of Downe House & Christmas Tree farm. We were joined for lunch by Ken & John, and a fine lunch it was too and very reasonable price. We were saddened to here that Matthew was in hospital after suffering a very bad accident whilst cycling. Almost 6 miles in total.

Present: Apples (President), BN, Stan, Jim, Drew, Ponti, Rae, David's White & Arnold, Roger, Chris, Martin, Fred - Ken & John joined for lunch (13+2=15)

Apologies: Phil, David H, Gareth & Matt (4)


30 September 2021 - Chesfield and Environs. Nine made the meet at the Bo Peep and our President of the day, Drew, guided us over some paths that many had not krawled before. Many fine views in open country side greeted us after we had negotiated 5 styles in the first half-a-mile! We duly arrived at the Five Bells a few minutes to twelve and were treated to a fine bitter that most had not sampled before - Butcombe. We then made our way back to the Bo Peep for a decent lunch, drinks and the company of three additional members. Just over 6 miles in total.

Present: Drew (President), BN, Roger, Jim, Phil, David A, Ponti, Chris & Stan - Ken, Davids C & H joined for lunch (9+3=12)

Apologies: Rae, Gareth, Fred, Dave W, Martin, Apples, John, Matt (8)




26 August 2021 - Ide Hill. A late start for a shortish krawl over many paths that most krawlers have never been on. Hardly summer weather, overcast and fresh, greeted 11 members who meet outside The Cock Inn at Ide Hill. President Phil led us to some lovely south facing views over the North Downs. Even with a 10:30 start we arrived early at The Pheasant Plucker on Goathurst Common, a good pint in their large garden was enjoyed, as was the children's play area, especially by Fred, before we made our way back for lunch. Where we were joined by Ken - he was welcomed back by all. Four miles was all we did...

Present: Phil (President), BN, Stan, Drew, Jim, Dave's Arnold & White, Chris, Fred, Ponti and Rae - Ken for lunch (11+1=12)

Apologies: Matt, Gareth, Apples, Martin, Roger, David H & C, John (8)


29 July 2021 - Up the Kreek. It's been 3 years since we last visited Faversham for a wander along the estuary. Twelve of us met up at Peter Ward's house for a most enjoyable day which started with a sample of 'Morley' special brew... Our President, Fred, then led us on a very level krawl towards The Shipwrights Arms at Hollow Shore. The weather was kind but windy and the ground firm - we made good time and duly arrived half-an-hour early. Luckily the landlord saw a thirsty group and opened up especially for us. Duly refreshed we went back the way we came to Davington Manor, changed and made our way into town to Posillipo for a very slow but enjoyable Italian lunch. 6 miles in total.

Present: Fred (President) and his guests Michael & Peter, BN, Roger, Drew, Stan, Chris, Matt, Martin, Phil and Davids White & Arnold (13)

Apologies: Ken, John, David's H, A & C, Ponti, Gareth, Rae & Jim (9)



22 June 2021 - Dunks Green to Shipbourne. A not  to warm day greeted us and we started by celebrating Fred's 90th birthday. Our President, Ponti, had provided a cake and fizz as befitted such an occasion and a hearty rendition of 'happy birthday' rang out. A gentle and shortish krawl followed and we arrive early at The Chaser Inn. Suitably refreshed we wandered back to the Kentish Rifleman for a very good lunch. Only 4.3 miles of good KKK company.

Present: Ponti (President), BN, Drew, Rae, David A, Gareth, Chris, Fred, Stan (9)

Apologies: John, Roger, Phil, Dave C, Martin, Dave W, David H, Apples, Matt, Ken, Jim (11)


27 May 2021 - Back to normal? A turnout of 13 met at The Rose & Crown in Halstead, well actually one met at the appointed place - the 12 others were down the lane due to the parking situation. It was good to see our two working members joining us, namely Matthew and Martin. President Roger led us off and within half a mile we had to double back as he missed the footpath! At around 2 and half miles Fred, Dave W and BN took the shorter way, and less hilly one, to The Bulls Head in Pratts Bottom. A most welcome pint in the pubs garden awaited us all. Duly refreshed we made our way back to The Rose & Crown via a flight of, what seemed like a 1,000 steps... Four others were already there to make a total of 17 dining. A very good and very large meal was enjoyed in our normal relaxed fashion. The shorter krawl was around 4.5 miles and the longer one 6 miles.

Present: Roger (President), BN, Drew, Jim, Phil, Dave W, Rae, Fred, Chris, Martin, Matt, Gareth, Ponti - Apples, Dave C, John and David H joined for lunch (13+4=17)

Apologies: Stan, Ken & David A (3)


29 April 2021 - similar to the last krawl which was way back in October... As the regulations had been relaxed we ventured forth on our first krawl of 2021. Meeting, once again, at Blackheath's HQ 10 krawlers split into two groups of five and wandered over the common to meet up in the back garden of the Greyhound on Keston Common. The fitter group were led by Chris who went via Bluebell Wood (Well Wood) - they arrived at the half-way only a couple of minutes after the less-able group which had been led by the BN upto and around the Ponds. Everyone agreed that it was most satisfying to be in a proper pub and drinking out of real glasses, let's hope the future months will be as enjoyable. We then headed back to the HQ for another helping of Fish & Chips which Apples had organised in our absence. PohLeng organised our dessert along with lots of custard, cream and ice cream - we wished her a happy birthday!

Present: BN, Dave C, Drew, Jim, Phil, Fred, Rae, Dave W, Roger, Chris - Ponti & Apples joined for lunch) (10+2=12)

Apologies: Ken, Gareth, David H, Dennis, Stan, David Arnold, John Butler & Matt (8)



Because of the lockdown, due to the Covid-19 virus, we had to cancel the January, February & March Krawls.

Maybe spring time will be OK?